August 2, 2015 -- Sunday afternoon -- Reading Karl Ove Knausgaard

I tried looking for a reader this afternoon on my way home from the gym, but if someone was reading a book, I couldn't see it. At all the cafes, everyone was on their phone. Possibly reading World Peace, but I wasn't going to ask. So, I took a selfie.

In my kitchen, while making black eyed peas
Reading My Struggle, by Karl Ove Knausgaard, which I inherited from a dear friend who was cleaning out her bookshelf before moving.

This second picture is a little out of focus because either my camera got steamy and/or the afternoon sun was coming through the window.
While I was cooking I made a sweeping hand movement with the colander and broke a wine glass near the black eyed peas. At this point I stopped adding new ingredients into the pot and, while cooking read and reflected on whether I would eat the pot or not. There were no chards in the bite I was sampling, though now, after eating two bowls very mindfully, I'm considering whether the $3.50 I spent on ingredients is worth questioning every bite.


Special K said...

If that keeps up, will you start posting pics of what's on people's cell fone screens? (:

Whaddayou think of that book?

sonya worthy said...

HI Special K,
I hope it doesn't come to that....
I like the book. I'm at about page 170 right now and am enjoying being transported into the life of a teenage boy in Norway. I recommend it!