August 19, 2015, Wednesday afternoon -- Reading Mordecai Richler

At Union Square
The tattoo on her wrist refers to the philosopher Hegel's "spiral view of history," which has to do with the idea of freedom and conflict.  (I think?)

She is reading, in the translated Italian, Barney's Version, by the Canadian author, Mordecai Richler. She says she doesn't really like it that much, but she's just trying to finish it.

She's visiting here from Italy. Her favorite neighborhoods are the Mission (my neighborhood!), as well as Chinatown and North Beach. Her favorite Italian author is Italo Calvino (especially Le Cosmicomiche) and she also likes the Spanish author Alejandro Jodorowsky.

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alex said...

My favorite Italian author is Umberto Eco, but it's probably also the only Italian author I know.