October 11, 2015, Sunday afternoon -- Reading Marina Keegan

At Dolores Park
He is reading The Opposite of Loneliness: Essays and Stories, by Marina Keegan. He was first introduced to the author's work shortly after she died in a car accident, when his friends recommended some of her short stories and essays.  Later, this book was published posthumously and he found himself wanting to read even more of her writing.

Keegan recalled being paid $100 to attend a recruiting session at Yale by a hedge fund: “I got this uneasy feeling that the man in the beautiful suit was going to take my Hopes and Dreams back to some lab to figure out the best way to crush them.” (from an article by Nicholas Kristof, published in the New York Times)

His favorite author is Jorge Luis Borges. One of his favorite Borges books is The Garden of Forking Paths.