January 19, 2016, Tuesday evening -- Reading author unknown

In the sleepy seaside town of Prachuap Khiri Kahn, Thailand
She is selling cuttlefish and reading a romance novel.
Asking permission to photograph her for my blog was challenging. In other countries that I've traveled to I've spoken enough of the local language to explain my blog, but I'd never studied Thai before and the YouTube sites I studied before my vacation didn't cover "how to ask people if they want to be on your reading blog." So, I had to, with a very slow internet connection (Horray for T-Mobile -- free international roaming), show her examples of other posts. She was happy to be photographed.

I also tried some cuttlefish. The cart she is sitting at is attached to a moped/scooter that she drives around town or parks at the market. All the cuttlefish vendors (we saw them in Bangkok, too)  have a horn they toot to let you know cuttlefish is coming through the neighborhood, just like an ice cream truck plays their signature music. After you order, she takes a cuttlefish off the clothesline where it's drying, runs it through the wringer (the device on her left) to flatten it out, then grills it, and then flattens it out further and serves it with a cup of sweet chili sauce with ground peanuts. It's really delicious -- chewy and a little crispy. All this attached to a scooter!