July 3, 2016, Sunday afternoon -- Reading John Leppelman

In the Mission District
He is reading Blood on the Risers: An Airborne Soldier's Thirty-five Months in Vietnam, by John Leppelman. He said that it's a good book and everything that he's read so far is true, and he knows this because he was a medic in Vietnam. Usually, he says, 1/3 of a book is true, 1/3 of a book is false, and 1/3 is not important. A professor at Marquette University told him this and he's found it to be accurate.

Television, he said, is less true. He prefers radio to TV. He grew up in the Virgin Islands listening to The BBC and CBC (British Broadcasting and Canadian Broadcasting) and will never watch TV because of the propaganda.

He enjoys reading about science, philosophy, mysticism, the occult, and anything but European literature.