October 15, 2016, Saturday morning -- Reading Catherine Marshall and Maricela Oliva

In the Mission District
This is a photo from the publisher's website
He is reading Leadership for Social Justice: Making Revolutions in Education, by Catherine Marshall and Maricela Oliva.

Usually I remember to take a photo of the cover of the book. This time I forgot. I think it was the ear buds. I always feel a conscious that I'm interrupting someone who is wearing earbuds, and want to make the conversation as short as possible.  I did ask him if he had a favorite book or a favorite author, but he hesitated before answering, and then explained that he didn't want to give an answer without taking time to think about it. Most people are initially stumped when I ask them this question, and some give an answer, but it's always a tense moment. It's a big question they aren't expecting. I wonder, how many of the people who are able to give me an answer think of a different answer after we finish talking.