Happy Thanksgiving

I was visiting my family for the holiday and although readers were everywhere, especially in the airports, I was too worn out and consumed with my own life to contemplate talking to a stranger about what they were reading. I learned that catching up with relatives, watching magpies, and stirring a custard over a double boiler for an hour can be exhausting.
Late Saturday night I was on my way home, my flight was delayed, and I was hoping it wouldn't be delayed even more. I was pacing up and down concourses in the airport trying to stay awake, frustrated that the wireless at the airport was too finicky to let me upload a new library book to my Overdrive account, when one of my favorite people sent me a link to an article entitled The Need to Read, by Will Schwalbe. Even reading the title of buoyed me up, even though I couldn't read the article in its entirety because I don't subscribe to the Wall Street Journal. The following afternoon I realized that if you do a search for the article instead of following the link, you don't need to be a subscriber. Check it out, and check back for a reader next week. Happy Thanksgiving!