February 6, 2017, Monday evening -- Reading along to the Quiet Lightning Literary Series

In the cotton candy glow of the Stud, a bar on 9th and Harrison and reading along with the chapbook at Evan Karp's Quiet Lightning literary series
Lately, his favorite author is Arundhati Roy.

Sort of related, I've been listening to a lot of audio books lately, just because I can lay on the floor and stretch easily while listening, or while I'm traveling I can be "reading" something that doesn't require carrying heavy books, and also isn't hard on my eyes like a smart phone or tablet. Anyway, although I'm in an audio book phase, I really like seeing words on a page. I feel like I can remember and process, and let my mind have a conversation better with the author when I'm looking at print. Especially when I'm at a literary reading and there are other distraction like people ordering drinks or bartenders shaking drinks. It's good to have the printed word to ground myself. That's one of the things about Evan's series, is that you've got access to that.