May 20, 2017, Saturday afternoon -- Reading Captain Charles Moore, with Cassandra Phillips

I think San Francisco would be an even nicer place if everyone sat on their front steps and read.   Coincidentally, May 20, 2017, when I met this reader, was SFPorchfest, for music on porches, backyards, and stoops of the Mission District. Reading should have a day like that. Work could be cancelled on a sunny day and everyone would go home and sit on their front steps and read and talk to their neighbors about their books.
She is reading Plastic Ocean, by Captain Charles Moore, with Cassandra Phillips.
She met and interviewed the author a few years ago when his boat was docked at her hometown.  She was doing research and studying (ecology?). She got Plastic Ocean about six years ago and is finally getting around to reading it. It took a sunny day. She just gave her dog a bath and they went out into the sun to dry off. Her dog loves the sun.
She has lots of favorite books and authors, but a couple that came to mind were The Name of the Wind, a fantasy novel by Patrick Rothfuss, and Righteous Porkchop, by Nicolette Hahn Niman, about the meat industry.