June 24, 2017, Saturday afternoon -- Reading Adam Grant

In the Mission District
She is reading Give and Take, by Adam Grant. She met another author who had co-written a book with him and learned about this book that way. It's about being a giver, and how you might think that givers have less, but they have more.

From a young age she has loved stories by Paullina Simons. She also liked I For Isobel, by Amy Witting, an Australian author. In general, she likes books that tell stories and also make a point of how to be better in life.

Another author she likes is Sydney Sheldon.

In High School she loved Shakespeare.

She's writing a book proposal right now about how to be an entrepreneur. Apparently women own about the same number of businesses as men, but make far less money as men who own businesses. One of the reasons why is that more women than men don't have the money to hire a consultant. The book she wants to write will give advice that a consultant would be able to give, leveling out the playing field.

She has her own business. They make accessories out of recycled fish leather, leftover from the food industry.