September 27, 2017, Wednesday evening -- Reading Rachel Cusk

While working at a bookstore on Potrero Hill
She is reading Outline, by Rachel Cusk. She wasn't actually reading it when I walked into the shop, but I saw a book sitting next to her and asked if she would be reading it when I left, and she explained that the book I'd pointed at, The Dinner, by Herman Koch, she was just previewing for her mother, to see if it would be good for her to read on vacation (still undecided), and that the book she was really reading was the one next to it, this one, Outline, by Rachel Cusk, which is about a woman teaching writing in Greece.

Her favorite book is Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley. She's read it 4 times. She likes that it's situated between different genres. It was one of the first Science Fiction books, and is also a bildungsroman and a gothic ghost story. She also likes the story behind how it was written and that it was written by an 18 year old woman.