August 11, 2019, Sunday afternoon -- Reading Colin Cotterill

In Taichung, Taiwan, taking a reading break between presentations at the World Congress on Extensive Reading, a conference on how language learners can improve their language skills by extensively reading books at or below their level.
She is reading Slash and Burn, by Colin Cotterill. Her favorite book is usually the one she just finished reading. In this case, A Woman of No Importance, by Sonia Purnell, which she described as a well-researched page turner. A Woman of No Importance is about an American spy and guerrilla leader named Virginia Hall who worked with the French Resistance and fought against Nazi Germany during World War II. She was at the top of the most-wanted list and is now finally being recognized.
There were presentations from  9:30 am until 6:20 pm and if you go to all of them, you get information overload. Attendees have to balance their FOMO so they don't burn out. Maybe today I will take time out to read, too.