June 21, 2022, Tuesday afternoon -- Reading J. Leigh Brown

At my aunt and uncle's house after a delicious lunch, my mom is reading Inside the String: A Sam the Seeker Novel, by J. Leigh Brown, which was written by our neighbor's sister. 

I am visiting my family in Montana right now.

My mom is very excited about this book. ....though because I want to read it, too, I asked her not to tell me too much or she'll ruin the suspense. It is set in Montana and the description on Amazon begins with "Deep inside the Rocky Mountain wilderness uncertainty looms. When trespassers terrorize the natural surroundings, ethereal vigilantes respond."

I asked my mom what else she's been reading recently. In addition to books on irises (which she reads almost constantly when she's not gardening) and the Bible, which is her favorite book, the last fiction book she read was called Angels Fall, by Nora Roberts, a mystery which takes place in a small town in Wyoming about a potential murder.