Reading an anthology of works by Johann Wolfgang Goethe. When I asked why, he responded with the philosophical, "why not?" though admited there was a real reason--his friends have read Goethe in the original German and he thought he'd take a crack at it, too, in English, though. Among the stories in the anthology is Faust and he is reading Marlowe's Faust in tandem so he can make comparisons.

His favorite book of all time is Ulysees, by James Joyce. A big Joyce fan, the tattoo on his left wrist is the thesis of Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man--Steven Dedalus, Joyce's "me" character, comes to the conclusion that his writing must take presedence over serving his nation, family and religion.


Garen said...

Hi Sonya --

Great website! I am kind of bummed no one has commented on any of the entries -- even if it's their own! I am setting to change that. I wish I had gotten a chance to ask you what the site is all about -- it's pretty self-explanitory -- but details like why you put it up, what your motivation is, where you typically find people reading -- these are questions that need answers!

Sonya said...

Hi Garen,
Thanks! It would be great if more people commented.

My motivation for doing the interviews is my interest in what makes a good book and why people I read what they read. I decided to make it into a blog because I figured other readers and writers would find it interesting, too.

The people on this blog are people I meet on my commute home from work and also when I'm going about my day, going to coffee shops in the Mission and Noe Valley and walking around downtown on my lunch hour. So far I haven't gone out of my way to look for readers, though, I suppose if I wanted a more representative sample of San Francisco, I should visit different neighborhoods.

I'll try to post a description of my project in the "about me" section on my profile page.

Thanks again,