Reading A Feast For Crows, by George R.R. Martin.
Link to author's site: http://www.georgerrmartin.com/
It's the fourth book of a series and it just came out in paperback. While she was waiting for it, she read and reread the previous books in the series.

Another one of her favorite books is, like Tricia (sp?) from yesterday's entries, Shogun. She's read it every year since her freshman year in High School and it's the reason she and her boyfriend (husband maybe?) are together. He was at her house with some friends and saw that she was reading it and they started dating. This is a common theme--she has two friends who were brought together by the Xanth series by Piers Anthony.

One friend accidently left a book in the laundromat and the guy who found it returned it to her after he had read it. Luckily she wrote her name on the inside of the cover because when they met they fell in love and they've been together ever since.

The other friend was checking the books in the series out at the library and was annoyed because they were always missing and was always plotting to find out who was taking them and then one day she caught the culprit in the aisle looking for the book. They've been together ever since, too.