A book with wings, at the SFMOMA.

The sculpture stands about waist high and has a larger wingspan than any bird I've ever seen.

The exhibit, by the German artist, Anselm Kiefer, explores the relationship between heaven and earth.

It is pretty amazing--mammoth canvases embellished with propeller blades and tree branches and other massive metal structures. When the Cologne cathedral was reroofed he arranged for the old roof to be brought to his studio to be used in his art. Yet, in a recorded interview that was being shown at the Museum, Kiefer explains that he really wanted to be a poet, that he didn't want to work with materials, but with the spiritual.

My sister, who is a ceramic artist, could sympathize. Look at all the stuff he was using, she said and pointed out that there isn't any cleanup with a laptop.

The guards wouldn't let me photograph it, but here's my doctored up brochure.