Reading The End of Faith--Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason, by Sam Harris. He has also been listenting to the podcast, Evolution 101. He is an agnostic and has recently become interested in faith.

"The most counterproductive thing you can do is to believe that the afterlife is better than the present," he explained.

Some of his favorite authors are Philip Roth, Rick Moody, Fyodor Dostoevesky, the Italian author, Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, and the German author Hans Erich Nossak, who he said he's read because he's German, but was convinced that no one will have heard of--he writes fiction that is sort of Kafka/Dostoevsky-esque.

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Alex said...

So, are there holes in the cover of that book? Where the burnt out words are? I like the design of the cover, although normally I would consider holes (if they are indeed holes) to be kind of gimmicky.