At the Books Inc. table at Madrone Lounge.

There was a reading for the anthologies Before the Mortgage, edited by Christina Amini and Rachel Hutton and The May Queen, edited by Nicki Richesin.

Fabulous readers and cupcakes...not to mention drinks.

Door prizes were given away--a four-pack of toilet paper to the person who had moved the most in the past two years (over 7 times) and something I can't recall to the person who had most recently turned 30.

My friend, Sasha, who was one of the readers, forgot to print out her piece about going home for the holidays, but luckily she had her laptop with her!

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Alex said...

So you didn't win the turned 30 prize? Either that or your memory has really gone bad. I guess it's been a couple months now.

Hehe, there was a customer the other day that had the same birtday as me. I didn't realize it until I had already given them their drivers license back though, and I was like "what was your birthday again? January 21st?"