Enjoying a cup of coffee after work and reading The Intelligent Investor, by Benjamin Graham. This book, he says, is known as the "investment bible."

Before this he read a biography of Warren Buffet--one of the two greatest investors ever--by Roger Lowenstein. His intial approach was with value investing, that is, buying stock that the market has inadequately priced. The other great investor is George Soros.

When I asked him about local legend,Christopher Gardner, who is featured in, The Pursuit of Happiness (a favorite of the reader in the 12/6 posting), he said that Gardner had actually worked at the company he now works at and that Gardner's success can be credited to his tenacity. Most brokers, he said, are afraid of the phone. They'll make, say 25 calls a day, but Gardner would make 200.

The secret to good investing--having the emotional fortitude to refrain from selling when the market is down.