Reading The Book of Survival, by Anthony Greenbank, which is full of useful information like, how to "evade a bull". She picked it up because it's a whole lot more interesting (and comprehensive) than, say, a book on what to in case of an earthquake.

Recently she read The End of Mr. Y, by Scarlett Thomas, which she highly recommends. It's about a world that exists entirely of thoughts--she elaborated but in the end said that you just have to read it--it's great.

She also just read Mongo: Advenures in Trash, by Ted Botha. Apparently there's a real word for what my friends and I call "street scores"--useful things left on the street. The author breaks it down into categories, from bottles and cans that can be recycled, furniture, etc. and interviews the collectors.

Her favorite book--Love in the Time of Cholera, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, which she found both touching and engaging. Though if you're looking for something that will help you out in life, she recommends text books--MATH textbooks, at least that's what's worked for her.


Special K said...

There's a great movie that's all about street trash/dumpster diving called The Gleaners and I - it's a French documentary about modern-day gleaners.

BTW, Math has never helped me in life. (:

Alex said...

I find the illustration of the guy stripping and the bull chasing the clothes pretty funny. It says in the text to stay near the edge of the field, but judging by the pictures, I think you're allowed to go into the middle if you're wearing a lot of layers. If you run out of clothes by the time you get to the edge though, not only do you get gored, but you'll get gored while naked, which might be hard to explain.

Sonya said...

Dear special k,
Thanks for the movie tip!

Dear Alex,