Reading Magnetic Fields' 69 Love Songs: A Field Guide (33 1/3), by LD Beghtol. She really likes the band's music and this is an A-Z index of the songs on their tripple album 69 Love Songs.

The A-Z listings are by topic, title, inspiration, etc. In the back there are also stories that fans have sent in.

A great book she read recently was Trail of Feathers: In Search of the Birdmen of Peru,
by British/Afghan author, Tahir Shah. It's a story about how he went to the Amazon to learn about an ancient people who had discovered the secret of flight. She said it was a gnarly, gnarly trip--there's descriptions of him living on a rotting boat eating rats and canned tuna cooked in hot oil and how, before he arrived, people had warned him these people were head hunters, but they'd actually turned Christian and went on shamanistic journeys using hallucinogenic herbs to find Christ.

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alex said...

Those birdmen/headhunter guys sound waaaay more interesting than the wright brothers. I wonder why they don't get more press.