Today, every single person I talked to didn't want their picture taken. The book? Sure. Me? No way. It might have been the weather--rainy, cold, gloomy.

Reading or, rather, referencing, the Miriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary. She's in the middle of copy-editing a book about Shakespeare for a New York publishing house.

Her favorite book, or at least the one that comes to mind, is Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen. She likes it for how well it's put together, for it's satirical social commentary and for the romance.

Something good she's read recently is Jamestown, by Matthew Sharpe. It's coming out in March and she wrote a review of it. I forgot to ask where her review will be published, but here's a link to The Good 5 cent Cigar, the student newspaper of the University of Rhode Island, that has a write up of a reading Sharpe did of the book. It's about Jamestown colony, but, here's the clincher, it's set in the future. If you've ever wondered what Pocahontas's emails would sound like, this is the book to read!