On Monday morning, the night after Oscars parties, going to work in the rain, everyone seemed to have a book and they were reading, not only while seated on the BART or standing on the platform, but while walking down Montgomery Street, taking advantage of those precious moments before your mind becomes someone else's at work and those precious moments when rain was not falling and it was possible to read instead of making sure the spokes of your umbrella didn't get caught in someone else's. I love it when I see people so engaged in their books they can't put them down for even a moment. It inspires me to write more--books do matter.

On Monday I didn't take any pictures of people walking and reading--I was in my introverted, late-for-work mode. Today, however, in not-as-late-for-work-as-usual mode, I took two photos of people reading while walking. But, because I still needed to stop and pick up breakfast, I refrained from following them to their works to get the full story.

Gripped by The Birth of Tragedy, by Friedrich Nietzsche. His favorite book--Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley, though, he says, that might change soon.

If it has changed, and you happen to see this, post a comment.