At the Revolution Cafe, listening to a bass, drum, saxaphone trio and reading Run with the Hunted, a Charles Bukowski reader, by Charles Bukowski, edited by John Martin.
He appropriated the book when his ex-roommate left it behind. What he likes about it is the expressionistic, matter-of-fact style. The movie, Barfly, was based on one of his stories.

Here's a bit of a chapter that I read over his shoulder (found it on the Harper Collins site):

ice for the eagles

I keep remembering the horses
under the moon
I keep remembering feeding the horses
white oblongs of sugar
more like ice,
and they had heads like
bald heads that could bite and
did not.

The horses were more real than
my father
more real than God
and they could have stepped on my
feet but they didn't
they could have done all kinds of horrors
but they didn't.
I was almost 5
but I have not forgotten yet;
o my god they were strong and good
those red tongues slobbering
out of their souls.

His favorite book is Tropic of Capricorn, by Henry Miller, which is about making a living in New York City. The author, he says, has a weird sense of sarcastic humor that borders on craziness.

He writes also and you can read some of his stuff at Live Journal. His user name is division x, though I can't figure out how to view it without becoming a member myself. It's about 1:30 in the morning....maybe tomorrow I'll have better luck.


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