Reading Cathedral, by Raymond Carver. He recently read the short story, and other short stories by Raymond Carver and really likes his writing--it's funny in a way, and you also get a feeling something really important is happening, but you can't put your finger on it because Carver talks around things. He also noted that there were lots of couples, doing things together in Carver's writing.

Other authors he's been reading are Wallace Stevens and Jorge Luis Borges. He'd read them a long time ago and now he's coming back to them again.

His favorite book of all time--he thinks it'll be Moby Dick...when he finishes reading it. He's been about half way through for about a year and a half. What he likes about it is all the different viewpoints Melville weaves into it--he'll have a chapter with the plot, then a chapter that's like an opera or a play with the deckhands, then a chapter describing all the whales he saw, then back to the plot--Melville, he said, was the first author that did things like that and no one else would do it again for another 60 or 70 years.