Reading Virginia Woolf, by Hermione Lee over brunch at the Liberty Cafe in Bernal Heights (I had corned beef in honor of St. Patrick's Day). He's been going there ever since they opened eleven years ago...long enough to get desserts that aren't on the menu.

A couple of good books he recommends are A Prayer for Owen Meany, by John Irving and Sylvia Beach and the Lost Generation, A History of Literary Paris in the Twenties and Thirties, by Noel Riley Fitch.

He was also telling me about a book about the World's Fair in Chicago and Edison's exhibit on electricity. ...and then I went to the Bernal Public library and picked a book off the shelf about dyslexia and opened right to Edison's picture--Edison, in all that he accomplished, was dyslexic.

They were having a yard sale in front of the library, with enviable items such as this one--a book holder to be fitted on your bathtub!