Reading The Golem, What You Should Know about Science, by Henry Collins and Trevor Finch. The Golem is a Jewish mythical figure that is both persuasive and deceptive...just like science can be when the whole truth is not told. The book explores the pieces of science that go unreported, but maybe shouldn't.

He is studying to be a high school science teacher and has been reading nothing but Chemistry, Physics and textbooks lately.

Something interesting: Science, he says, is not as linear as people think. Two big experiments that proved Einstein's theory of relativity were done in the 1800s.

The last novel he read was Norwegian Wood, by Haruki Murakami. One of his favorite books is The World According to Garp, by John Irving. He can identify with the guilt and the lust. He also liked it for its honest look at gender and other issues.

Here's a list he keeps in his wallet that has evolved from conversations and suggestions--on it is what he plans to read when he can transition from text books to novels when his program finishes in May.

The list includes titles by Charles Dickens, John Irving and Joseph Conrad. He 's been carrying it around with him for the past 6 or 10 months. He's got another list on his computer.