Reading The Elder Gods by David and Leigh Eddings. It was her daughter who turned her onto reading fantasy and other fiction. Seven years ago, when her daughter was eight, she started reading the Harry Potter books and, being a dutiful parent, she wanted to make sure that she approved of what her daughter was reading--before Harry Potter, her daughter's book choices were very tame--so, she started reading them and loved them. Now, she and her daughter share lots of books...though her daughter reads far more than she does. "Her favorite place is Barnes and Nobles," she said with a smile.

Her favorite book--The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho. What makes it so good? You have to read it to get the full explanation. It speaks to everyone regardless of where they are in life. It's about the journey to follow your dreams.

She has two other daughters and they read fantasy and other fiction also. Her husband prefers mysteries and other, more serious and educational books.

This current book is about how Rome began, multiple gods and a destructive devil figure who wants to take over. It is only through working together that civilizations, who had been intimidated by each other, are able to overcome his destructive influence. It's a fun book she says.