My friend Sasha Cagen (above) at Books Inc. on Chestnut Street, reading (in front of an audience) from an essay she wrote about a reality show audition, from the anthology, Single State of the Union: Single Women Speak Out on Love, Life, and the Pursuit of Happiness, edited by Diane Mapes (below). (This is the beauty of a blog--I can write a four line sentence and no one cares, right?)

Other readers of the evening included Rachel Sarah, who talked about single motherhood; Wendy Merrill who skipped right to a sex scene with Viagra dialog/confrontation--when you have a penis in your hand, she says, it's not the time to bring these things up; April Sinclair who contemplated whether you can be happy while washing poop out of diapers--she didn't grow up with a Cinderella vision (not unlike a five-year-old contributor to the book who wrote a poem asking the question, Why didn't Cinderella go back and get the slipper?; Rachel Eve Radway, who knows how to get rid of big furry spiders; and past Chronicle columnist Jane Ganahl who has a guy friend (without benefits) who towed her car all the way from Santa Cruz to San Francisco, fixed it, and didn't charger her a cent--she was also wearing an outfit worthy of the Sartorialist blog I wrote about yesterday. Wish I'd taken her picture, too.

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