Reading The Talisman, by Stephen King and Peter Straub. When he was sixteen he got a copy of the book at a used bookstore, but it was so old and damaged that, by the time he got to about page forty, the book had "crumbled" and he could go no further. Recently he found this copy, also at a used bookstore, though in better condition.

Recently he's been reading Kurt Vonnegut, sci fi/fantasy here and there.

His favorite book of all time is/was It, by Stephen King. He read it when he was about twelve or thirteen, the same age as the characters so he could really relate. Another factor in the enjoyment--something was happening throughout the whole book. Stephen King is, he said, very detail oriented in keeping the book interesting.

The last book he read that actually taught him something--it was for a sociology class and it was a book on how men and women communicate. His girlfriend is reading it right now.

Also in the same class he read about an experiment where a room full of people were handed astrological readings that were supposed to be about themselves and were told to rate how accurate it was on a scale of one to five. Almost everyone scored it a three or above. When the scoring was complete, they were told to hand the reading to the person next to them--each reading was exactly the same.