At Lucky 13, one of the best dive bars on Market Street, reading a birthday gift, the comic book Truth Serum, Lonely Parade, by Jonathan Adams, among the company of friends, some of whom had sat through an entire viewing of Howard the Duck at the Castro theater in an expression of birthday loyalty, one of whom had a flaming wallet (a really great magic trick that, as the owner admitted, never gets old) and yet another who used to have a cable show where he visited people's houses (like Ed McMahon's) to do technical support, like installing a webcam.

She works at City Lights and recently shared a giggle with Björk about finding the Russian poet Chukov (Корней Иванович Чуковский) in the database--who would you spell his name?

This comic book is so cool, even the characters are reading. Who doesn't love Judy Blume?

Also of note is that May 25 is Towel Day, which my little brother informed me of--a day in homage to the towel Arthur Dent would carry with him in Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Just wiping up a little doggie drool (vermouth and gin) off a wall painting.

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Mike said...

Whew! Less than 75 minutes between igniting the wallet and having it documented for all posterity on the interweb! Now, that's what I call service!

Niceta meetcha. That was a fun night, the movie notwithstanding.