I misplaced my notebook where I wrote the title of the book--more to come when I find it.

His favorite book of all time--Tokein's Silmarillion, which was published after his death by his son and fantasy author, Guy Gavriel Kay. It's about the time of glory before when The Hobbit takes place.

Didn't find the notebook, but, the reader writes:

The book title is “Nara no miyako” (“The Capital Nara”) by Kazuo Aoki, and it details the history of the ancient capital city of Nara, Japan during the 8th century. (Nara was the capital before Kyoto and, much later, Tokyo/Edo.) It’s volume 3 of a 26-volume series called “Nippon no rekishi” (“The History of Japan”) originally published in the late 60s and recently reissued in paperback.

Thanks for responding!