Reading Ammonite, by Nicola Griffith. It's Feminist Science Fiction. He's just returned from a James Tiptree conference in Wisconsin (check out his 5/31 blog entry on www.nadyalec.com).
James Tiptree, he explained, was a highly regarded writer until he was exposed for being a woman. Every year a Tiptree award is given to a writer who expands and explores gender.

Favorite book of all time (this week, anyway) is Autograph Man, by Zadie Smith. It's full of crazy tricks that post modern male writers usually do and he thinks it's neat that it's done with multicuti characters.

A writer and a performer, he is working on a series of PowerPoint slides with, for instance, mathematical equations that explore ideas of death, guilt and shame. He likes to take tools used at work and do creative things with them.

What should people be reading these days? Whatever they like. We should not martyr ourselves when we read.

Not only did I learn a lot in this conversation, but I love this picture.
escalator : backpack :: concrete wall: ________