11/3/2007 - Saturday afternoon

Reading The Queen of My Self, by Donna Henes, which is about a brand new way of thinking about the old Roman archetypal phases a woman goes through in her life--virgin, mother, crone (old wise woman). With our elongated lives, at fifty we're not old. We're not crones. We are, as the author suggests, queens.

She found this book on the shelf at Dolphin Dream. She is usually very luck with books and has a spiritual book club which she picks out the books for. A favorite--Dark Side of the Light Chasers, by Debbie Ford. Her message is this: when we embrace those parts of us that we don't want to accept, we become whole, authentic beings. For instance--anger. Maybe someone with an anger problem has a strong point of view when they are angry and this, used judiciously, can be a source of great power and goodness.

She is a hand analyst at Dolphin Dream in downtown Walnut Creek where I saw her enjoying a book between doing analysis. The concept behind hand analysis is this: in the womb, the soul enters a child at four to five months and, just like an electrical current might ripple a pool of water, the soul itself, which has weave energy, enters the mind, then pulses throughout the body, exiting in the hands and the feet and making--similar to the ripples on a pool of water-- patterns we call fingerprints. These patterns are indicative of our life path and the directions behind our souls. Check out her website at www.palmpriestess.net.

A book that's had an impact on her life--The Door of Everything, by Ruby Nelson. It's about how we connect to enlightenment through gratitude. She still has the copy she read in the 70s.