11/3/2007 - Saturday night

With Mayoral candidate Chicken John, my friend, Colleen (left) and me (right). His favorite book--When Things Fall Apart, by When Things Fall Apart, by Pema Chodron, which is--he hates to say it--a self help book.

We'd happened upon him, sort of by accident, in a swarm of people outside ATA (Artists Television Access). It was serendipitous. We were getting out of a taxi and he was waltzing up to a truck with a wild welded water-tower-like contraption in back and giving a spiel on how trucks can run on walnut shells. He even climbed over the cab and down the other side. Go bio fuel! Who knew?

When he's not running for mayor he's making clothing racks for a vintage clothing store and gets--check out his hipster blue suit--part of his pay in clothing. He's a welder...as well ask the guy who's always asking the questions.

Why is it, that we're in a city of art that artists that artists can't afford to live in?

He wants to change that.


colleen said...

Where else but SF can you hop out of a cab and find a mayoral candidate demonstrating how to run a pick-up on crushed walnut shells? And then blog about his favorite book?

I love this place.

Anonymous said...

That moustache looks fake!