December 6, 2007 -- Thursday afternoon

Reading Bad Dirt, by Annie Proulx. Recently she read Blue Shoe, by Bay Area author, Anne Lamott.

Her favorites--The God of Small Things, by Arundhati Roy. Usually, when she gets to the end of a book, she's disappointed, either disappointed that what's good had to end, or disappointed that it wasn't satisfying. This book, however, she said, is woven so well and when you finish, you feel happy, not in a forced way, but...

When she was a child and first began reading her uncle gifted her a notebook, composed of note cards, on which to record the books she reads. She still keeps it up, and has barely missed any at all!

Her own book? She has no idea. In the first grade her class had to write stories and it took her two-months to figure out what to write about. It was really stressful.