December 7, 2007 -- Friday evening

Reading Qué enseña realmente la Biblia? a religious book he got from a friend. In Engish -- What Does the Bible Really Teach?

He likes poetry, books by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Paulo Coelho, tales, and legends.

He's been trying to write about reality, with fantasy mixed in--worlds with waterfalls, universes where there are unicorns and you meet up with old childhood friends and swim in seas of chocolate.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a big Paulo Coelho's fan and I don't know if you heard about his blog
I've started as a fan and now I'm collaborating with him and thought that you would like to enter his universe.
Check the blog.
if you want, or subscribe to his newsletter
You'll see a community of warriors of light sharing ideas, dreams and most importantly following their personal legend.


A Warrior of Light needs love. (Warrior of Light)

See u there and have a great day!