January 22, 2008 -- Tuesday evening

Reading Double Cross, by James Patterson.

When I approached her and asked her if I could take her photo she said, I knew you were going to ask me that.... which is a rare response. Usually people are confused. It turns out I'd photographed her before. About a year ago, she said. I disagreed. No. A few months ago at most. I checked when I got home. She was more right than me--a week off. Here's the 1/29/07 post.

Like last year, she's still into James Patterson. It's good stuff to read in short spots in her commute. But, she wishes she had time in the evenings to really get into a book. She'd read for knowledge and not just a diversion--mythology and U.S. History.

She picked up Love in the Time of Cholera, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez to read before seeing the movie.....but said it looks like she'll be getting it on DVD.

It's hard to find time.


Special K said...

Wow! Is that a first?

Sonya said...

Nope! It happened one other time, even. At the Revolution cafe on 22nd and Valencia. After 1,000 readers, I suppose it's bound to happen! I'll have to start varying my route to and from work, where I do my shopping,go to new coffee shops, etc.