March 22, Saturday night -- Reading Louann Brizendine, M.D.

At a laundromat on Valencia Street

Reading The Female Brain, by Louann Brizendine, M.D.. The female brain operates with 100 times more estrogen than the male brain, which makes it specifically wired, like the phone cord on the cover, to seek out connections. The teenage girl feels an inner, physiological need to talk on the phone, relate with people, talk out experiences.

Her favorite book of all time--a book of short stories called Woman Hollering Creek, by Sandra Cisneros. She read it for the first time nine years ago. Her older sister had read it before and was excited to see her reading it. One of the stories is about how we're like onions. We have layers of ages in ourselves, and, when you feel like running to your mother, you are the 3-year-old layer, and then you might be the 11-year old layer later on.

What has she read recently? Love in the Time of Cholera, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, in the original Spanish, her first language (usually, though, she reads in English).

If she were to write her own book, it'd be fiction, set in both San Francisco and in El Salvador, and there'd have to be a beach scene--she loves the beaches in El Salvador, where her family is from.

What did she read when she was young? She doesn't really remember, but she does remember people reciting poetry to her, both things they made up, and famous poets.

Do you have any fond memories of being recited to?

I was recalling, this afternoon, during my radio interview with River Jordan, the time I was recited poetry to in Nashville, while doing my DogearedUSA blog. It was a love poem, comparing love to your favorite shirt....something I could totally relate to.


Mad Scientist said...

I have to first tell you I love this blog. It has become a part of my everyday reading-thank you.

I do not remember being recited to, but I did buy all the Harry Potter books in hardcover specifically because I had (possibly unrealistic) visions of reading them to my children someday. I do not have any children, but this gives me plenty of time to think up how I will do each voice. I am not sure Harry Potter is up to snuff with the literary tastes of the rest of your readers here, but it is an entertaining take on the age-old story of good vs evil.

Ms. Bassette said...

My sister read "The Birds' Christmas Carol" to me as a child. When I became a teacher and wanted a Christmas story virtually unknown by students, I thought of it.
It is a story written in 1898 and very soppy. But, many students like it; I have also always offered something nonreligious also; now, it's Seedfolks, a book of connections.

Brenda Susan said...

I love this blog site. I keep coming back! I am a constant reader, bring huge stacks of books home from the local library every 2 weeks. Only problem is a terrible memory. I enjoy the story, then immediately forget it & may even check it out again until I realize it seems familiar! :) I asked the library for a list of all that I have read over the years & they said that would be illegal! The old "big brother" thing I guess.
Thanks for giving me something fresh to read that I can be sure I have never read before! Ha!

KennethSF said...

I was reading The Female Brain, hoping (as a single male) to better understand its reasoning process. But guess what? A woman I know told me I should just give it up because I can never hope to fully understand it. I must say the book is at times a bit too technical to hold my attention, so I was only too glad to follow my friend's advice.

Anonymous said...



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