March 23, Sunday evening-- Easter -- Reading James Proimos

Waiting for the rest of the family to return with the ice cream from Mitchell's

Reading Joe's Wish, written and illustrated by James Proimos. It's about an old man who wishes upon a star to be young again, and then reconsiders, realizing what he'd have to give up for that to happen--all the wonderful moments in the present with his grandson.

Mom's favorite book: We the Living, by Ayn Rand

The little boy in the backseat who was the audience for Joe's Wish--his favorite book: The Lorax, by Dr. Seuss.

Dad's favorite book: A Prayer for Owen Meany, by John Irving.

The son in the orange shirt's favorite books (he and his dad came back before I took the photo): The Frannie K. Stein chapter book series, by Jim Benton.

What would you wish for?


The Clandestine Samurai said...

The world to embrace intellectualism, reading and the arts and crafts more passionately. Some millions of dollars.

I was going to wish for a book contract, but if the wish for the money came true, I don't think I'd need the contract.

Shannon Hodgins said...

Wonderful! I'm so loving your blog. I'm grabbing book titles as I scroll down the page. Shannon

Grand Life said...

Love your blog and I check it every day since I discovered it. Also passed it on to some friends.
Your photo's are great but the narrative is equally interesting.
Thanks for all the work you do and for sharing with us.

Nicole said...

What a cute well-read family! Ayn Rand, John Irving and Dr. Suess! All fabulous!