March 26, Wednesday morning -- Reading Judy Castleberry, NHA

On the way to work, walking down Montgomery Street

Reading The Caregiver Zone: The Concise How To Guide for Eldercare, by Judy Castleberry, NHA, with contributions by Steve Everhart, CSA.

She cares for her mother and the care workers, who come in to look after her a couple days a week while she's at work, gave her this book.

She's learning about things like how to make sure her mom is eating right. She buys certain foods for her mother, that her mother should be eating, and can monitor the groceries to make sure that her mom has been eating right. When you're alone, it's a challenge to motivate to cook for yourself.

Her favorite book of all time—The Bible.

What did she like to read when she was young? She liked fables. And, she liked reading their equivalents across cultures. She also liked reading the dictionary!

If she were to write her own book, it would be about her life—wisdom she'd offer: don't worry about the physical things. Worry, instead, about your relationships with people and with Christ. This is what has gotten her through life.

Have you read anything interesting that's readily applicable to your own life?


A. Stageman said...

"Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious thoughts on Christian spirituality"

Completely applicable to my life. In fact, it is already a part of my life.

Nicole said...

Sonya, I so want to take you up on the challenge of what people are reading in my area. Unfortunately even if I was out and about, I feel the suburbs of OC is not the best place. Then too as a mom of 2 toddlers, I am not out too too much. But maybe I'll tote my camera around for the next few weeks and see if I can surprise myself.

Wish me luck!!!

Susana said...

I absolutely adore this blog. I hope one day I can do something like this...

All the best.

Maxx said...

This site is interesting, could you plz advise on my site on how to write it more powerfully.


Sonya said...

Dear Nicole,
That's super! THANK YOU. Even if you don't find readers every day, or even every week, it doesn't matter--it'd be fun to see what people are reading in your area. I look forward to it....maybe this time next week we can add your blog in the PEOPLE READING ELSEWHERE sidebar!!!!


girl with the mask said...

I find this lady's take on life very inspiring.

G.I.M x

heather said...

oh yes. i am currently reading writing the breakout novel, and i started writing my (hopefully breakout) novel a few weeks ago. not the most brilliant writing book ever, but has some great insights.

keep up the great work, sonya!

Gretel said...

As odd as it may sound, I read 'Riding in cars with boys' and I promptly decided I'd also wouldn't lay my arms down, despite being a single mom at 16.

Beverly Donofrio (the author) managed to become successful, despite everyone else's veredict.

Some books really leave a mark.

I love your blog :)

esruel said...

As a young lad, I read The Trials Of Toby, and Rival Schools At Marstone. Had I had the nous to understand the messages in both these great works, I might have led a better life. Only now, looking back, do I realise the roads I should have walked. Strange, isn't it, how life's experiences can be? They are so difficult to translate, or transmit, to someone who hasn't experienced them. They invariably have to experience them before understanding what you mean. Not that I have much wisdom to impart: I still make the same mistakes!

Ms. Bassette said...

I've found, if it's a good book, I can always take something out of it that connects to my life at that moment.

Sometimes I'm amazed at how much they fit in my life. Because they do? Or, because, through our eyes at that moment, we make them have meaning?

Books are a wonder!

Ps. I think I've said this before, but Anne Tyler books always fit, seemingly, how my life is going. I don't know about her next one. In the last one I read a few years ago, the wife died and still she was who I connected to (--sure don't know how that can be!), but it was how the husband grew to see her. What oh what will her next novel be for me?!?!? I wonder and ....worry!

Anonymous said...

Yes, "The Courage To Be" by Paul Tillich. Great existentialist text.

Ross&Jenny said...

The Bell Jar when I was an angst ridden teenage girl.

Sarah J Clark said...

Reading and walking at the same time ... now that takes talent.

As far as something that's applicable to my own life? The Bible ... but I find I'm always falling short! Humph.