March 28, Friday evening -- Reading Star Wars Adventures

At the bus stop on the way home from the library

Reading Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures: Three Tales of Hyperkinetic Jedi Action!, by Haden Blackman, Ryan Kaufman, Justin Lambros, Rick Lacy, Matt Fillbach, and Shawn Fillbach--it's his favorite book series.

Next, he'll read Nelson Mandela: A life of Persistence, by Jennifer Boothroyd, for a report he'll give at school.

His mom likes to read poetry, in Spanish, their first language.

What sorts of books do you pair as fiction/nonfiction reading?


Anonymous said...

Mostly any fiction and existentialist texts, but I'm starting to get into History.

Seri said...

If I read a fiction book based on an actual event, it might prompt me to read a nonfiction book on the subject.

TootsNYC said...

Hey, I'm going to have to look for that Clone Wars Adventures series--my 10-year-old son would probably love it.

I have a hard time reading nonfiction; I start to zone out.

I've been trying to coach my son w/ his book reports, to look at the contents page to help him identify the major themes of the book (for nonfiction, at least, but even for fiction--though fiction tends to have groups of chapters per theme).