May 28, Wednesday evening --Reading Stephenie Meyer

Waiting for the train

Reading Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer. It's part of a teenage vampire series. Would you believe, she said, that it's my niece's?

But, it's not just a teenage book. When I did my tour of the country last summer I met both children and adults in California, Oregon, Iowa, New Jersey, and New York who loved Stephenie Meyer's books. Among teens, though, the books are really hot. My sister told me that she heard a radio program with teenagers being interviewed who were dissing J.K. Rowling, saying she's so not hot anymore, but that Stephenie Meyer is.

Favorite book of all time? I popped the question as her train was arriving on the platform. It's a big question if you only have ten seconds to come up with an answer. She panicked and told me the last book she'd read--The Book Thief, by Makus Zusak.

Sometimes people seem a little skeptical about getting their photos taken, but familiarity--in this case familiarity with blogging--helps break the ice. Oh, she said, after I explained how I had a blog and wanted to take her picture, my husband has a blog.

When was the last time you said yes to something seemingly off kilter because you had some sort of (maybe vague) connection?


Liza P. said...

It seems like more and more people are reading Twilight now to get ready for the new movie (or show, I forget) and are loving it! Another book to add to my list of must-reads.

Imani said...

I wonder if the book is at all big with the boys since it seems to be the vampire romance element that gets all the girls excited. Haven't met a teenage boy who was dying to read "Twilight" yet...(unlike Harry Potter which went across genders).

Special K said...

I can attest to how addictive those Twilight books are! I read the first two, but I had to cut myself off!

I wrote a review of it on my book blog if anyone's interested.

Kylee said...

When was the last time you said yes to something seemingly off kilter because you had some sort of (maybe vague) connection?

This morning. An author that I reviewed recently asked me to help her out with a cyber-stalker. She fired her editor and this person is posting nasty things about her on a bunch of different book sites (different fake names, but the same nasty comments). I guess some people just can't let things go.

Anonymous said...



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