May 3, Saturday afternoon -- Reading David Shannon

There is reading cuddled up in an armchair with mom in her pajamas at home,

and then there is reading with your mom and her friends in public. We were at Cafe La Boheme in the Mission district.

I have a bad case of poison oak (on my eyelids!) and took a break from the cold compress of frozen vegetables to visit with with my friend Jenny, her six-month-old son, and my sister.

Oh, David is his favorite book. Though, he also likes Dr. Seuss and, a month ago, the first book that inspired him to turn his first page was Andy Warhol's Colors, by Susan Goldman Rubin.

Also of interest was my sister's The Black Book, by Orhan Pamuk, which she's reading because she's going to a wedding in Istanbul this summer! She and I also really liked his book, My Name is Red, also set in Turkey.

What were/are your favorite baby books? ...or were you, like this little one, struggling to see what the big people were reading?


Ms. B. said...

What a beautiful baby!! I love the eyes.

There are soooooooooo many wonderful children's books out there. I miss the picture books of little children--enjoy the time. I catch myself still reading them...with no babies around to read to!

Good night Moon. Annie and the Wild Animals, Little Bear, so many. It's a wonderful time. Enjoy!

Liesel said...

so cute *_*

my favourite children book is the wolves in the walls (neil gaiman). I read it to my daughter all the time.

my favourite books as a children were classics: grimm brother, hans christian andersen, disney, la fontaine... actually, I still love them.

anna angela said...

May is Get Caught Reading Month!
And your blog is perfect!
I have to commend you. I live in San Jose and was tempted follow your footsteps and show the world that this city reads too, and not just techie books =/ but I'm way too shy. But I'll try to catch people reading for this month. Wish me luck and thank you for an interesting blog!

Grand Life said...

Loved your recent posts. I check your blog often although I don't always leave a comment. You have a great premise here. I have noted several books that I would like to read. Thanks

Sonya said...

Anna Angela,
That's great! Don't be shy. I'm looking forward to seeing what you find.
And, thanks for the heads up on Get Caught Reading Month. I just found their website.

Wishing you the best,

Liza P. said...

Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss was one of my fave and any Golden books! Though I mostly gnawed on the Golden spines

pilgrimchick said...

I used to like Dr. Seuss myself--Green Eggs and Ham, The Cat in the Hat, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas were so often requested that my mother ended up memorizing them and "reciting" them to us while she watched the news.

Jessica said...

Love You Forever was/is my favorite baby book. It's this great story about a mom always loving/taking care of her little boy no matter what he does and eventually it turns around and he's taking care of her.

Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

We SO loved the Oh, David books when my kids were a bit smaller.

Adorable photos!


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