May 6, Tuesday evening -- Reading Richard Stark

Walking down Mission Street

Reading Flashfire, by Richard Stark. It's one of the heist books that he likes.

Something good he's read recently--Secret Invasion, by Brian Michael Bendis.

His favorite book of all time--The Dark Knight Returns, by Frank Miller, a Batman book.

If he were to write his own book, it'd be about space monsters, set on earth, an Earth defense story. Actually, he is a writer. He writes comedy. Check out

What do you like to write?


heather said...

seanbaby! i believe he writes for The Wave, a bay area pub. when i took caltrain i read that puppy all the time, good stuff.

i started a book several weeks ago - scifi. but i also write lots of random flash fiction - short and sweet. had one published last month, woo.

girl with the mask said...

Comedy. There is so much real life misery that I like my stuff to take peoples minds off of it...

Ms. B. said...

I like essays. Short and sweet, well, compared to a short story or novel. Is that why I blog? Writing for the self, hoping someone else reads it?
Sounds okay to me!

4 Minute Money said...

I like to write and real uplifting stories and information. Anything to brighten someone's day is worth my time and effort.

Seri said...

Mostly non fiction