July 19, Thursday evening -- Reading Brandon Sanderson

Waiting outside the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art for a friend before seeing the Frida Kahlo exhibit

Reading Elantris, by Brandon Sanderson.

Brandon Sanderson will be taking over writing one of her favorite series, the Wheel of Time series, by Robert Jordan, who died this past year. She wanted to check out his writing before the new Wheel of Time books start coming out.

What other series were taken up by secondary authors when the original author died? Have they been successful in maintaining their fans?


Jess said...

I just finished this book and thought it was great. It would make an excellent movie.

Jen said...

I read it last year too and I was impressed. The writing itself is kind of boring, but the story really sucked me in.

Oma said...

I wish I could go to the Frida Kahlo exhibition ...

Anonymous said...

You are dating these in July, but it is June. Last three posts were misdated.

Nono said...

One series that I know have been continued (prequels and sequels I believe) was Dune after Frank Herbert passing by his son Brian Herbert with K Anderson.
I did not read any books not written by Frank Herbert, so I can't give my personal opinion but
based on the number of books they wrote and their commercial success, we can say that they've been quite successful.

Jeannie said...

this picture could have been my daughter - but we live in the midwest. She loves "wheel of time" books and wanted to see how Sanderson was -- she likes him and is waiting impatiently for the last book.

Anonymous said...



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