June 28, Saturday afternoon -- Reading Miranda July

At Minnie Wilde, an edgy boutique in the Mission District

Reading No One Belongs Here More Than You, a book of short stories by Berkeley writer, artist and filmmaker, Miranda July. Here's the book's website. It's a little off topic, but it made me smile.

Recently she's been rediscovering books she read when she was in high school, like To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee. She said--I didn't get it back then like I do now.

And, she's been reading kid books that she gets at Red Hill Books, in Bernal Heights. There's one that her fourth grader really likes, but thought that it'd be dumb before she got into it...but I can't remember the title!

What have you written on unconventional mediums....like household appliances? (if this question confuses you, you didn't look at the book's website)


A. Patt said...

I went to the books website and it was just fabulous!!! i'm going to purchase both the english and the french translation and read them simultaneously!

My mom and I write on the dish washer "clean" and "dirty" because we're not usually home together, so it helps us to know whether the other did the dishes or not! A friend of mine painted all the doors in her house black and she writes on them in different colored chalks, which is a wonderful idea!

I can't wait to start this book!

marelle said...

I wrote on the cabinet door in our house which is full of things that are important to me, "Walang hahawak ng mga gamit ko." (It is a Tagalog sentence which means, "Don't touch my stuff.") I wrote that because I'll be going away for college and I don't want my brother rummaging through my things. My mom practically went berserk when she saw what I did to her darling furniture but I assured her that I used a washable marker. =)

ao.roamer said...

I have written something on my refrigerator for memory of something so significance.but my Mom scold me so hard, and warn me not to do that again

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