July 27, Friday evening -- Reading Arthur C. Clarke

At the Palace of Fine Arts before a dress rehearsal for the Ethnic Dance Festival

Reading Tales from the White Hart, a book of short stories, by Arthur C. Clarke. He's read almost everything else by Clarke and saw this in a bookstore; bought it for the cover. I believe it's two ants embracing.

His favorite book of all time--The Manuscript Found in Saragossa, by Jan Potocki, who was the first to circumnavigate the globe in a hot air balloon. The book contains stories within stories within stories, framed within the adventure of a man crossing a mountain range to get to Madrid. The layers, about six of them, build upon each other. You have to pay attention. It was written in the late 1700s and is about 900 pages long. This was the author's only book.

What have you read while being serenaded?


Scripter said...

I am not sure I have read while being serenaded, but if I did it would have to be something very engrossing, such as a Ray Bradbury novel. Your featured reader was reading a book of short stories; currently, I am reading a collection of O'Henry's short stories, and I have been wondering if short story collections by contemporary authors are published these days, or if such writing has kind of gone out of style.

Lydia said...

This is a really interesting photograph!
I was serenaded only once, as a small child, and was not carrying a book with me at the time.
I, too, wonder if short story writing is out of style - and moreover, if/when it will come back in style!

Sonya said...

The reader I photographed the next day was ALSO reading a book of short stories....maybe I'll try for three-in-a-row today, though, I don't check to see what the person is reading before photographing. I'd just have to think, does this look like someone who is reading a short story?

The Saragossa Manuscript said...

Do you know Wojciech Has' celebrated film adaptation of The Saragossa Manuscript has just been re-released?

For more info go to:

Can't quite understand this post? Is it claiming that Potocki's novel was Arthur C. Clarke's favorite book?



Sonya said...

Dear Saragossa Manuscript,
Sorry for the confusion. I don't know anything about Arthur C. Clarke's reading taste. I was talking about the reader.

Anonymous said...



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