June 6, Friday evening -- Reading Cristina Garcia

An autoblogographical posting--I took the photos just for fun, and then ran out of battery on my camera and was unable to photograph another reader!

Waiting for my sister

and reading Dreaming in Cuban, by Cristina Garcia. It's for my book group. We'll meet at a salsa club (Jelly's, I think) on June 22nd for brunch, discussion and dancing.

I'm only on page fifteen and a goat has just been sacrificed and, in response, in the home of La Madrina, at the end of a dark tropical road, the protagonist fainted. I happen to like goats and was disturbed myself. However, more than anything, I was compelled to keep reading. The ritual was done so that the protagonist's recently deceased father would rest in peace and I felt so absorbed in this exotic parlor where seashells hang on long threads from the ceiling and red candle wax drips everywhere, that, though I may have been sitting in a sunny spot on 19th and Mission Street, I was feeling very much in Cuba. Fortunately for my sister, who did finally arrive, I snapped back to being very much on 19th Street.

(my sister actually took this last photo...while I was coming back to the Mission District)
Where have you traveled today with a book?

(I just finished Grandpa's Fiddle, by Timothy J. Halloran, loaned to me by the reader from May 14th, and I give it a two thumbs up. That book took me from the American South to Africa to the Wild West in the 1820s.)


Jen said...

To a book fair, this morning, with Bill Bryson's Notes from a Small Island.

Nulaanne said...

I took Out in History all over Olympia today. To laundry, Earth Magic, Farmers Market, and the landing to see the lowest tide of the year.

Anonymous said...

My little brother's graduation is in an hour and I will be bringing my book with me :)

Gili said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I'm linking to your page. I may steal your idea for New York. Brilliant!

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i thought the book was average

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Anne-Marie said...

This weekend just gone I travelled to my partner's house and back [a 200km round trip] with two wonderful - and contrasting - books: Biggles Of 266, by Captain W.E. Johns; and Green Ink - an introduction to environmental journalism, by Michael Frome.

Anonymous said...

for the past couple of weeks I've been commuting with writing down the bones, by natalie goldberg, which I've read many times over. I tried to replace it with something else (road to miyama by leila phillips) which I also have read, but had to put goldberg back in the bag. It's just the kind of book that can be read well at short bursts, randomly, as well as in long sittings (or standings).