Reading in Lassen National Park

I am camping this weekend and won't be posting again until I get back on Monday. I'll be bringing my Dreaming in Cuban book to finish (see Friday's post below), which might have me doing the salsa around the camp fire. There's a scene where a woman goes crazy and locks herself in her house, closes the shutters so the hot summer sun can't get in, and spends days doing the salsa, the cha cha cha, etc. with her five-year-old son until, the author writes, he can dance as good as any gigolo. The book is both disturbing, grim, and not at all what I'd recommend for a camping trip, but I'm going to enjoy it.

Hope you're reading good books, too!



girl with the mask said...

...Sounds intriguing. Very intriguing!

Liza P. said...

very cool! right now i am reading "eat, pray, love" and actually enjoying it. have you read it?

happy camping!

Oma said...

I'm reading "The Village of Waiting" by George Packer. It is the best book about the volunteer experience in Africa I have read to date. He was with the Peace Corps in the eighties and he's got it right. I worked in volunteer positions in Africa and elsewhere in the developing world from 1992-2006, and he really does understand the complexities and anomalies. He writes well, is knowledgeable and thoughtful ... and best of all ... not arrogant.

Anyone who is thinking about Peace Corps or any other organization should read this book.

Sonya said...

I haven't read Eat, Pray, Love yet. I need another camping trip.

In fact, I still am not done with Dreaming in Cuban, which is really intriguing...if I'd remembered my flashlight to read in my tent I'd be done right now. I thought about the characters all weekend, though! They all have emotional problems. I'm about to close my computer and go back to it!

Anonymous said...



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